Camping Menus

Sample Three Day Backpack Menu (some meals require cooking)

No special backpacking food is required. It just needs to be lightweight, which generally means dry. All of these ingredients can be obtained at grocery stores. Most have a long shelf life and can be stored at home until needed. If an emergency occurred, it would be best to eat your perishable foods first. On a backpacking trip, for the first day or so, you can take foods like fruits, vegetables and meats. The primary consideration is the weight.

Day    Breakfast                    Lunch                              Dinner
1       Granola Bars                      Sandwiches, Chips       Rice-a-Roni
Dried fruit, raisins           Carrots, celery               Rolls, butter
Orange drink/Tang         Box drinks                        Fruit punch

2       Scones                                 Rye crisp                         Spaghetti/Sauce/Cheese
Honey, jelly, butter         Beef jerky                       French bread, butter
Milk                                       Dried fruit, nuts            Pudding
Candy Bar                           Lemonade

3      Cereal                                   Soup                                  Beef stroganoff/pasta
Milk                                        Crackers                          Bread sticks
Dried fruit                           Fruit punch